Teen wolf the movie is here

Teen wolf the movie is here

July 22, 2022 0 By

Beyond Amazing news for movie lovers, and especially for me. Teen wolf the movie is here!!!

Now I personally have been part of the pack since season 1, episode 1 of the series and like many of you I was pretty bummed when it was over. But now we are expecting a movie from MTV and I’m excited.

The Teen wolf movie official trailer is out and in there we got to see a lot of familiar faces. Plus we also got to see a specially familiar face that got us all emotional in the early days of the series. Allison is back baby!

Yes, Allison was Scott Mccall’s first love love that died early in the series. But in the trailer released by MTV, Allison is spotted with a bow and arrow. We are excited to see our favourite characters back on the screens.

A downside though, it appears Stiles Stilinski would not be featured in this movie. Dylan O’Brian doesn’t want to come back for reasons best know to him. This hurts me because stiles was my favourite character in the movie. Still I am excited and I’m sure you are too.

The movie is set to stream on paramount+

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