The Gravity of Applied Force Towards Achieving Success: Comr. Omoba22


In John Maxwell’s book Tilted the winning attitude, he gave a short illustrations on how an aircraft works.

He described how the aircraft has to go through lot of work before it beats gravity and get into the air, he further explained that it doesn’t stop there but the pilot engages it in a climbing called the nose-high attitude and how it goes until it goes through the troposphere to find balance in the geological environment called Stratosphere where auto pilot can be engaged.

The above illustration if carefully meditated upon can get you out of your present state of being inactive after all your failed attempts at success.

Success is not for a particular age or set of people.

Success is actualized when you’re determined to be successful.

You tried out new things (activities) that got you out of your comfort zone and because it was new, you came back to your state of rest or perhaps there was no extra activity that triggered you to be nose-highed just like an aircraft will be to get outside the clouds.

Until you go through the rigour and stress of the nose-high stage, don’t stop reading those handouts, don’t stop those courses, don’t give up! Don’t give in to failure.

I started out the past week with less than #500 as a student but there was a strong desire to add value to myself and expand my knowledge base, I was therefore on a look out for it, my nose-high stage and at the end of the week, I noticed, I paid to join a leadership platform a sum of #1500, and bought another e-book at #1000 and another #2000 for a shoot there was no credit alert from my monthly source.

I starved, at some point had to trek and missed out on a couple of things(flexing). That’s how the nose-high stage is but you don’t give in until you get to the stage where your autopilot can be engaged.

I hope you are encouraged to be involved in activities that’d make you nose-highed, I’d like your views mad questions in the comments section.

I am Ojo Ezekiel Owolabi OMOBA… Your subconscious, your world


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