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The Hallowed Thinkers Crew hold Peace Bootcamp in recognition of the International Day of Peace 2022

The Hallowed Thinkers Crew hold Peace Bootcamp in recognition of the International Day of Peace celebrated annually on 21st September, 2022.

The Hallowed Thinkers Crew

The Hallowed Thinkers’ Crew is a non-profit organisation setup to bring together all creations capable of reasoning and learning towards making peace and understanding regardless of age, race, religion, discipline, colour, culture or tribe.

To recall, the organisation informs the audience about the International Day of Peace (also knows as World Peace Day) being observed globally following its first establishment in 1981 and further augmented by the UN in 2001.

The day technically is devoted to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples”

This year’s (2022) theme; “Shun Racism. Build Peace” shall be celebrated through Awareness program which was effectively done online and physically, Members Bootcamp which was as well successfully executed yesterday, 23rd of September 2022 at the Conference Room, Students Arcade, Lagos State University. In furtherance shall be the Sensitisation of institutions and later, the long anticipated Societal Peace Conference 2022.

The President of the Organisation, Hal. Atikure Solomon Opeyemi gave the year’s Peace message thus; “our inner peace is very important to you and your society. whatever that will give you your peace and happiness, especially when it’s devoid of negativity, please, aim for it”

The Peace Bootcamp was graced by the grand patron; Dr. Mustapha A. Bello, Dr. Yusuf Blaster, Mr. Obe from the Department of Religions and Peace Studies all respectively and a senior Security Officer and Marshall, Lagos State University who all educated the participants on the need to ‘Choose Peace over Violence’ in their respective field of discipline and perspective.

Some of the key statements gotten from the event are; “Religion is a victim of the world, the world is not the victim of Religion” by Dr. M.A., Bello, “Conflict and Violence are not the same” by Dr. Yusuf Blaster and others.

The representative from the Association of Religions and Peace Studies Students (ARAPSS) presents that

“A religion that is not peaceful or rather evil will not have a chance of expiation against wrongs and taboos commited, such is the case of our peaceful African Traditional Religion”.

Hal. Obega Favour, the Counselling Officer presented a brief story of Narcissus who was obsessed with his beauty culling from the story the need to manage self pride and love against others.

A founding member of the organisation, Hal. Akintola Zaynab Morenikeji raised the consciousness of the audience to the ongoing event in Iran over the persecution of a Muslim lady against her wish of Hijab usage. She sternly reminded and advised that Religion should never be compelled or coerced rather preached and embraced through conviction.

The Spokesperson of the organisation, Hal. Sanusi Ashyaa Motunrayo also added by recalling the history of the approver of the Second World War, on
the need to always claim responsibility of auctions; good or bad, especially when one realises or regrets his or her mistake.

An intriguing poem was presented by a special appearance, Ajakaiye Rasheedah Strida and
other reactions came from other guests.

The President, Hal. Atikure Solomon Opeyemi was ably represented by the Vice President of the Organisation; Hal. Anifowoshe Alimat Titilayo, who was highly instrumental to the welfarism of the event.

The event closed with a long and detailed vote of thanks and regards by the Founder of the Organisation; Hal. Olanrewaju Habeeb Abiodun to God almighty, the angels and every human with whom were present in the event.

The general supervisor of the organisation and board member, Hal. Olakitan Toyyib Olatayo is highly appreciated for all he does for the unending success of the organisation.

Anchor of the event, Hal. Akintola Amir Olanshile; General Secretary, Photography marvelously handled by the Media and Publicity Officers; Hal. Idii Olumide Ikechukwu and Hal. Ojo Bisola Deborah respectably.

Sanusi, Ashyaa Motunrayo
Hallowed Thinkers Crew.

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