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Things to know when you’re searching for admission

Are you looking to get into one tertiary institution or the other in Nigeria? If yes then this is for you. I have the Intel you need to go through the process smoothly.

Getting into the university of your choice can be hard if you don’t have the right information, but this is why we are here. This is a proven method that people I know have followed and it got them in.

This is a list of things you need to know before starting your admission process. By this time I’m sure you already have a course and a university you want in mind.

1) Know the requirements of the course

Now this cannot be over emphasised, many students fall prey to this, they just jump in. Without knowing the requirements of the course in that particular school, all your efforts will be wasted. For example, Unilag will not give admission to any student who doesn’t have further maths in WAEC for any engineering course. It’s always best to know these requirements before you register for waec.

2) Know the right Jamb combination

It’s kind of the same as number, you should know the Jamb combination your school of choice accepts. Be Note that not all school accept the same Jamb combination even for the same course.

3) Preferably have a tutor ( For jamb)

This is added information and is not compulsory but it does help to attend a “lesson.” There are a lot of experienced teachers in Jamb’s curriculum. They’ll know how JAMB will set their questions and help you prepare for them accordingly.

4) Know how your school grades your cut off mark

Different schools have different ways they grade their cut off, know the one for your school. Some school don’t use waec as part of the grading while some do in percentages. For example Unilag uses Jamb for 50% of the cut off, waec 20% and their post utme 30%. This shouldn’t stop you from putting your effort in all your exams but it’s good to know which one to die on top.

With this information and constant reading you should be able to smoothly get into the university of your choice. Remember to check your Jamb caps for your admission letter. If you have questions, don’t hesistate to leave a comment below. I wish you luck.

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