Top 5 Classy And Affordable Restaurants

Top 5 Classy And Affordable Restaurants

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Top Five Classy And Affordable  Restaurants

Now just so you know, the places that would be mentioned on this list are top rated places where you can have both an amazing with your spouse/friends as well as an amazing time with your pocket. And here are our Top 5 from spy connect

1: Lasibo

Located at surulere close to Ogunlana Drive lasibo is a top class eatery where you can have a fun time. The interior design along would leave you in awe as the first part of it is covered in fine wood as well as beautiful leaves hanging on the top of the ceiling, giving you that splendid background for your beautiful pictures as well the easy on the eyes type of decoration. The second phase is mainly for reservations. Now if you want to make the day so special, lasibo has you covered as you would be able to book down reservations for yourself, as well as your date. Trust me, it’s definitely a place you’d want to be.

2: Hard Rock Cafe: Another splendid place to spend quality time with your loved ones, Hard rock cafe is definitely one of your go to places and it’s just around the corner as it is located in Land mark village, water cooperation road, oniru, VI lagos. The 4.5 star restaurant has everything you need, form the life music to the the artistic collections, not to even talk about there food, it’s basically everything you need in a restaurant.

3: Ocean Basket: The Victoria Island based restaurant is giving everything you need for cooling off. Coming with a 4 star rate the reservation is indeed a place to be. They serve special meals like sea food and every other tantalizing delicacy you could think of, giving you that ocean vibes indoors, amazing right. The specific locations are right here for you just incase you’re considering (35 Akinsola Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos)

4: Art Cafe: Specially know for their expertise in make good English breakfast, Art cafe is a safe place to designate, definitely a great place to kick back and relax. The restaurant is Located at Victoria Island and has very cool features, talking about the Bar and lounge, the out door seating as well as free WiFi, I mean who doesn’t need free Wi-Fi. Art Cafe, definitely a go to reservation.

5: Dominos Pizza: Now a lot of people don’t talk about this much but Dominos Pizza is definitely on the Top 5 list of Classy and affordable restaurants there is currently. I think everybody can agree with me when I say their menu is Top Notch, definitely one of the coolest restaurants there is in lagos, it’s definitely a recommendation. Dominos pizza also made it quite easy for individuals as they have branches located in almost every corner, you can’t miss them.

Well, that’s all we have for now, stick around for more entertainment news. Have a good day!!

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