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“Life is governed by rules and principles” by. E.O. Wisdom

  1. PROCRASTINATION. Anyone that procrastinates cannot be successful because procrastination limits us not to achieve our goal and plan at the right time.
  2. NEGATIVE SELF TALK. For you and I to be successful we must stop to wish ourselves negative or curse ourselves, I once said, negativity works faster than positivity. Don’t look down on yourself or don’t downgrade yourself.
  3. FEAR OF FAILURE. Failure is naturally part of our success, everyone on earth has failed one way and the other, never stop to try keep trying, keep trying because as you are trying that’s how you will get to the final stage of your success.
  4. PEOPLE PLEASING. Never in life try to please someone because not everyone has the knowledge of acknowledgement of one’s deed, you can never please human beings to their satisfaction.
  5. COMPARISON TO OTHERS. Never compare yourself with others because their own way to success might be different to yours, everyone has different destiny and paths to follow in order to achieve their dreams, never compare yourself to anyone because you are the best version of your life.
  6. PERFECTIONISM. No one on the planet earth is perfect but you can work towards perfection yet you are not perfect the reason is that there are a lot of things embedded inside perfection, don’t think you are the best in that field you must always seek for new knowledge so that you won’t be outdated.
  7. DWELLING ON THE PAST. Everybody on this earth has passed nobody without the past please never allow your past to hinder your success, your success is very important to God, your parents, to you and those God has destined to your life, don’t hold on to your past work hard for your future.
  8. NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIP. For a man to be successful he must look into his current relationship with anyone because your relationship can either take you forward or bring you backward. Be careful not all relationships are profitable
  9. MINDLESS CONSUMPTION. The kind of food you eat also contributes to your health because your health is very important so that you can enjoy success, remember health is wealth and don’t eat junk food in order to satisfy yourself rather eat all the six classes of food so that your body can be well functional.
  10. LACK OF SELF CARE. Take care of your body in the right way dress in a decent way so that someone can address it as a responsible person.
  11. MAKING EXCUSES. Excuses are only meant for those that don’t want to go far in life, do everything you want to do at the right time, remember I said above don’t procrastinate, if you want to enjoy success don’t make excuses.
  12. RESISTANCE TO CHANGE. You must change your character and everything you know you can change in your life, embrace change as a way of growing and development.

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