1. Health Insurance: Right now is not a good time not to have health insurance. You can have on or off the ACA market. Find out plans and benefits that meet your needs. I can give you the information you need to make an informed decision.
  2. Life Insurance: Truth be told, we are all going to die sometime.Are you going to be responsible and make sure that you love ones don’t have to pay for your final expense or if your paycheck is gone, can your family survive without you.
  3. Dental Insurance: If you have dental insurance you are more likely to go to the dentist and get the preventive-care that you need. Untreated conditions can lead to serious health problems. Usually,the longer you have dental insurance the more benefits you will get from them.
  4. Vision Insurance: That will help pay for your exam. If you wear glasses or contacts and think you are going to need them, vision insurance can help pay for that. Also an eye exam can check for eye diseases and see if your eyes have changed.

By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Gabriel O. Fasholu is the founder and editor of SPYCONNET. A brilliant Educationist, Social Media Enthusiast & Freelancer who is passionate about passing undefiled information to the entire public.

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