Understanding True Existences of Life – Omoba

Understanding True Existences of Life – Omoba

May 20, 2022 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Life outlives the Social media – David Ken

You stay up to post your birthday on your Facebook timeline, WhatsApp status and Instagram simultaneously by 12am in fact you are so good at it that you never miss 12am sharp.

You snap pictures to keep memories of your present self but you are unable to get pictures of the future you are meant to have.

You can choose to see yourself rather than trying to make others see you.

When people continually see you when you have lost a glimpse on the sight of your reality, it causes more havoc and wretchedness.

When people see a man with the right understanding of his reality, he routes them to seeing his reality also.

Starting a mission without a Vision gets you anywhere except the right place.
A vessel is more easily emptied than being filled.

You can be more Intentional about life, just feed your SUBCONSCIOUS with the right things be no matter how small, they build a part of you for your future.

Your subconscious ~ Your self, your world