Video: Bella And Sheegz in a dirty fight over food

Video: Bella And Sheegz in a dirty fight over food

September 3, 2022 0 By

Bella And Sheegz Are At It Again

The current bbn naija stars Bella and Sheegz get into an argument of a clumsy misunderstanding

The two love birds recently had a fight in the house cause of food. The argument kicked off immediately after Sheegz told Bella (his girlfriend) not to open the food because he wanted to have it the next day

As we would have it, Bella didn’t listen to Sheegz and an argument ensued

Sheegz became furious and he started saying things. The bbn star started tongue lashing his girlfriend with all type of words, saying she’s a sick person and she never listens

After Sheegz had been rude it his girlfriend, Bella, she immediately exited the area as Sheegz later got to a calmer state, which made him later apologize and solve the fight and that’s how it all ended

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