What is relationship?

What is relationship?

October 8, 2022 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

She wanted everything I wanted, she gets jealous of me most of the times.

She goes behind to turn things we discussed upsidedown just so she could get the credits.

I couldn’t hold on to that kind of friendship anymore so I cut ties. She wasn’t giving me a breathing space.

Yes! As agreed in my last post I would be talking about the relationship that happens between two or more people called friends…which we call friendship.

First of all, what is relationship?

Relationship is the connection between two or more people.
It could be connection by blood like the one you share with your family.
Or it could by value or marriage.

When two or more people share similar values then they’re in relationship.

Let’s go back to our main gist, “Friendship”

This type of relationship is mutual one. It happens between two or more people that share common goals and interests.

I said they share common goals because if they don’t share these, then, there can’t be relationship between them.

Now, Friendship can either make or mar you.

It either cause a positive or negative change in you.

It either cause progress in your life or draw you back.

That’s why you need to jealously choose your Friends.

Know the kinds of friends you keep and move it.

Toxic relationship can also happen in friendship.

If the friendship you are in right now is choking you, my dear move on.

You’re free to opt out like I did in my own experience that I shared at the beginning of this post.

If the kind of friends you have in your circle is the type that is not always happy when you achieve success then you need to think twice.

Friends are to support each other and get each other’s backs not going at the back to stab the other person.

Watch out for the kind of friends you keep and move with.

Is he or she out for your good?

Is he or she always looking for an opportunity to take and take from you without giving any value in return?

It doesn’t have to be in monetary terms alone, does he or she stand in gap for you emotionally, physically, spiritually or academically?

What value are you both giving to yourselves?

Or all you both do is gist and talk about other people.

You don’t share business ideas, you don’t read together, you don’t pray and study the word of God together, you don’t share and achieve tangible goals together.

In friendship, both or the people involved should grow together.

It shouldn’t be one sided, if I’m growing spiritually…I will influence my friend to grow too.

If my friend is financially stable, when he/she comes across things that can boost me financially he/she won’t keep them from me.

While having fun with your friend/friends, make sure you guys are growing and developing yourselves too in other aspects of your lives.

Instead of getting jealous of your friends being ahead of you, genuinely celebrate them.

Their wins is your win and your win is their win.

I’m rooting for you!

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