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What Is Romance?


This write up is dedicated to God Almighty and appreciation goes to God who granted me this opportunity and the privilege to write this book through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and divine wisdom embedded in me. I sincerely appreciate all the readers who find this book as a source of knowledge to their relationship. This write up contains a pure solution to many problems out there in relationships between lovers.

If you can make this book as your partner, then I can assure you the problem in your relationship will be solved. Make sure you read the content of the book step by step for proper understanding.

In this write up we will be discussing the following contents.


  1. What Is Romantic?

   2. Ways To Be Romantic In Your Relationship?

   3. Benefits Of Being Romantic In A Relationship?

   4. How To Become A Romantic Man

   5. How To Become A Romantic Woman

   6. Consequences Of Not Being Romantic In Relationship. 

1. What Is Romance?

Many people all over the world have different meanings for the word “ROMANCE” depending on how they experienced their relationship same applied to dictionaries, according to Merriam Webster dictionary (1828) romance can be defined as; An emotional attraction or aura belonging that exists between to lovers. According to the British dictionary it defines romance as; An intimate relationship between two people; a love affair. According to E.O.Wisdom he defines romance as; A strong feeling of love that exists between two opposite sex. But according to Wikipedia it defined romance as; Romance or romantic love is a feeling of love for, or a strong attraction towards another person, and the courtship behaviors undertaken by an individual to express those overall feelings and resultant emotions. From the definitions above one thing is common among them that’s “FEELING”. Since you know the meaning of the word romance: Now the question is, are you  romantic to your partner? You must answer that question sincerely so that you can get what I am discussing. You must let the person you are dating feel romantic because it keeps the relationship longer. 

2.    Ways To Be Romantic In Your


From my years back in a relationship with a lady that has really loved me and I showed her love also. I am going to explain 10 ways to be romantic or to be an addict romantic lover to your partner. Let us discuss the points below.


First and foremost, a romantic person is willing to regularly show how much they love and adore the person of their affection. Lovers must be affectionate in different ways, you can either give your partner a word of affirmation daily when you call him or her example, my best baby, my best lover, my best date, my best woman or my best man etc. Make sure your partner feels the love you have for him/her. Don’t be a boring lover(s). Love must be felt in both theory and practical not in theory alone. 


The most romantic of partners are those who are mindful of their significant other’s needs and desires in passionate, thoughtful ways, thinking about your partner shows you love him or is a way of reciprocating the love. From your thoughts you can  create a solution to some problems in your relationship. Have it in mind that you must love the person you are in a relationship with. 


Importantly, a romantic person doesn’t just offer a bunch of gifts and sweet nothings with no real meaning behind them. A huge part of what makes someone or something romantic is the idea that the love and passion they offer is unwavering and enduring, and it’s uniquely offered to a specific person. That’s what separates a romantic person from a flirt: the intensity, longevity, and specificity of their feelings must be felt. Please be dedicated to the person you truly love. 


On the flip side, not everyone will consider sweeping gestures and over-the-top declaration of love to be romantic. Sometimes being a romantic person is simply about being highly present, warm, and affectionate with your partner in the day-to-day moments. The lady I love knows that I am always present day to day, one of my pastors told me, what you love you have time for that, always be present when he/she calls you. Distance does not matter when there is love between lovers. 


If both of you are leading busy lives away from each other, go away on a vacation or a little getaway a few times a year to rekindle the together times and the romance.

Even an overnight getaway will do just fine. Take time to isolate yourselves from the world, because it’s the only way to realize how special both of you are to each other.


This is especially when both of you are out together. When you treat each other with love and respect, you subconsciously feel better about yourself and the relationship. And when someone’s nice to you, you can’t help but be nice back in return. This is the reason why perfect first dates are so romantic.

Go out of your way to make the other person feel special no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with each other. It’ll make every moment feel so much more romantic and beautiful. 


The day you become a caller to your partner that day he/she starts loving you the more in a way that people around him/her will start jealousy, but calling sometimes may be annoying so before you call your partner you must study him when he/she will be less busy so that, it won’t cause something else. But make sure you call him/her and discuss something important with him/her, like something about his/her future something that will bring success in  both lives. Love is both theoretical and practical, you practice that love to him/her or her by calling him in time of need and in time you don’t him/her. Always make him/her happy on the phone, play with him/her and ask him about his/her next plan concerning both of you. Finally praying with him/her always on the phone, one of the things I love so much in life is prayer. 


Every guy/man likes one thing most above what they liked, as a female partner in a relationship you need to study the person you love and put down what he loves most. Some guys like sex, while some guys don’t like sex at all but they like caring for sex. Buy him what he loves to eat and pay for his bills sometimes if you are in the position. Make sure his basic needs are met through you sometimes but don’t make that as your duty or your rule in that relationship you have to let him know because you love him so much.


As a male lover, you need to provide for the basic needs of your female partner, in some relationships male lovers take responsibility more than female lovers, I told someone a day, male are created to be a giver while female are created to be a receiver so that gives male to be a giver in some relationships. Do what your lover wants buy her things that will make the love firm between both of you. Some female like sex so much but sex should be given in due time when I am talking about due time it means when both of you get married. 


Many guys don’t accept the advice from their lovers the same applies to the ladies. No one on earth can achieve more than he thinks. But when you accept the advice your lover gave to you and you apply it definitely it will yield good. For an example you want to start a business when you are still in a relationship let the person you are dating be aware and let him know this is your next plan. The lady I am currently in love with has accepted me as her mentor and I have accepted her as mentee. Advise her and let him advise you in return in the right way. 

  3.Benefits Of Being Romantic In A Relationship?

The following are benefits of being in a relationship.

1. It makes you happy.

2. You are less prone to stress.

3. Having a partner who supports you makes you feel more confident and secure.

4. You learn how to be humble and how to respect someone 

5. It helps you become more patient and understanding.

6. There is someone who can honestly correct you.

7. You discover more about yourself and the person you want to spend your life with.

8. Someone is there to help you become a better person.

9. Your family and circle of friends grow bigger

10. You get more encouraged to be healthy.

11. Planning for the future becomes a team effort.

12. There is someone to take care and check on you

13. A Lifetime of Encouragement

14.  A Shoulder to Lean On

15. Better Days and Good Moments

16. You discover what true love really is.

17. You feel the moment of another partner

18. You hear a voice of a guy or female that sounds so romantic

19. You fee happy when someone gets what you want for you. 

20. You feel happy when you are told, I LOVE YOU by a partner. 

4. How to Become a Romantic Man 

Romance is an important part of any relationship. If you feel like you just don’t know how to romance your partner, there are some easy steps you can follow to become a more romantic man.

1. Surprise your partner with gifts. 

Surprise the lady with gifts that she loves even the gifts she has no knowledge of. When you surprise her it forms the lover stronger and makes her happy. 

2. Share things with your lover. 

As a guy you need to share common things you have with your partner, certain things  like clothes of the same colour, snickers, cardigans etc. This is one of the ways of remembrance even though both of you are far away or staying together. 

3. Get her, her favorite food. 

When you get your lover her favorite food as a surprise or as a gift that actually build that lover in her. Favorite food gives her the happiness she needs from you in that area.  

4. Tell her you love her, often. 

When you tell your lover frequently you love her, because ladies are moved by words, I can assure you she will be so more romantic to you than ever, and she can never cheat on you because of that, tell her I love you 20 times daily until she can’t do without talking to you a day, or she can’t do without her, hearing that from you. I LOVE IS VERY POWERFUL, IT IS A FEELING THAT MOVES THE HEART AND THE BODY. 

5. Complement your partner more often.  

When a guy complements his lover more often that brings the acknowledgement love she has for you and the one you for her. Tell her, oh baby you look so stunning, ravishingly ravishing, beautifully beautiful, you are so looking supercalifragilisticexpialidocious((fantastic). 

Tell her oh baby, you dress so decent and you prepare food according to my taste. You are the best lady, I have ever seen and please be sincere about it. 

6. Text her good night daily, and tell her I love you more and more baby. 

Good night text is very powerful in every relationship, it gives the lady a reminder before she sleeps that a guy really cares her for her. When you message her and she replies I can assure you she will be thinking about you all night and that’s way of romantic and you have gain her heart daily, and tell her I love you more and more baby. 

5. How To Become A Romantic Woman

Romance is the feeling of being in love or being loved. It is also the feeling of joy, happiness, excitement and adventure that associates with love relationship. A woman must know how to be romantic so that ladies out there won’t take him away. 

1. Hide a love note in his wallet.

This is very powerful but not all women or ladies can do it. When you write a text in his pocket and he sees it, oh he will be so in love with you all day, he will feel the content of the love he has for you. And he will always want to see it if you can do it more often. That will prompt him to surprise with a big surprise you never dreamt of, romantic is very important in every relationship. 

2. Send a sweet text message for no reason at all.

When you send your partner a love message for no reason that means a lot to him, remember I said, love message is a reminder for sure foundation of love. Message stores in the brain and in the mind faster, text him a message he loves to reward about love and about romance. 

3. Talk to him gently

If you really want to enjoy the person you are in love with for the fact that relationship is concerned you must know, how to talk to him daily and forever, tone your voice when you are talking to him, learn how to respect his words and tell him he is the best man you have ever dated and be sincere about it. Don’t lie to him and let him know you are saying the truth from the depths of your heart. I love the voice of the lady I currently in relationship with so much, she has tone voice and her voice is so romantic to hear. 

So learn how to tone your voice to your lover only. 

4. Cook his favorite dinner. 

Many ladies don’t know their lovers favorite food and this is very bad, ask your partner what he loves to eat or if you have time to be with his parents use trick to ask him mother what he loves to eat. And please in a week prepare the food like thrice and let him know your own favorite food please let it be the kind of food that he eats also. 

5. Play songs you both loved when you were dating.

This is so powerful but only few ladies know this! If you can frequently do this, I am assured you can make him so romantic in that way. Please, especially love songs make one mind move fast and many things can be done in that process when you play the song it reminds both of you the first outing both of you had together. And the fun both of you had together. Love one another in this way and make him know why you played the song. 

6. Praise him in front of your friends and his family members. 

When you praise your lover where his friends are it means a lot in that relationship and it builds that relationship and makes both lovers to be well loved by each other and it creates romance in this way. Kiss him in the presence of your female friends but not often maybe in a week one or two times. Tell him you love him and he looks so handsome and he is the best guy ever. 

 6. Consequences Of Not Being Romantic In Relationship.

 1. It creates sadness for both lovers. 

 2. It creates anxiety for both lovers. 

 3. It creates a lack of truth for both lovers. 

 4. It creates cheating for both lovers. 

 5. It creates no love for both lovers. 

 6. It creates a problem mentality for both lovers. 

 7. It creates depression for both lovers. 

 8. It creates unhappiness for both lovers. 

 9. It creates distance for both lovers. 

 10. It creates disrespect for both lovers. 

 11. It creates no affection for both lovers. 

 12. It reduces sexual attraction for both lovers. 

 13. It creates a lack of communication for both lovers. 

 14.  It creates decreased relationship satisfaction. 

 15. It creates increased tension and conflict for the lovers. 

 16. It creates anger for both lovers. 

 17. It creates a lack of intimacy for the lovers. 

 18. It creates a lack of acknowledgement for both lovers

 19. It creates a lack of genuine trust. 

 20. It creates a lack of romance. 

I wish you the best in your relationship, if only you can do what I have written you will thank God for reading this book. 

I wish you the best.

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