What you need to know about love

What you need to know about love

October 13, 2022 0 By

Love. Love is something everyone craves for. The sweet atmosphere between two or more, happy together regardless of the circumstances at hand. Love is something that was giving to us for free but unfortunately, we’re all taking it the wrong way

People of nowadays tend to believe that there’s no such thing as love, forgetting they made the world that way. Money has now come to be a barrier of love, blinding people of the true essence of living, which is to love one another. Dont get me wrong, money is one of the most essence things on earth, but don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m saying

Forgetting that money can’t by true love, people tend to chase money in order to get things that they feel can only be aauired by money, like true love.

Until we finally come to a realisation that to achieve anything thing in life, you most first love. Love who? Yourself, people around you and of course, GOD, then only can you really be fufilled in life. You might read this and neglect it but in your free time why don’t you reflect on it and work towards it. Have a good day, love. Spyconnect.

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