Why Do You Think Some People Don’t Have Friends?

Why Do You Think Some People Don’t Have Friends?

February 15, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

I barely have friends because I appreciate quality over quantity, and I value loyalty. I make friends for a lifetime but not everyone understands what it means to really love someone wholeheartedly, and support them — even if they’re not your blood!

Here are four other reasons:

  1. If you are single, the older you get the less relatable you are to people married especially with kids etc.

Plus, let’s be real; those folks don’t have time to hang with you on a Saturday. They have their families. But somehow, people in this situation can make it work if they want to

  1. They are socially awkward introverts

My comfort zone is hermit crab mode — being at home with my head in a book or my ears with headphones listening to songs. This doesn’t help with meeting new people and making friends.

  1. Trauma, hurt, heartbreak

Oh I can’t emphasize enough on the very mean things WOMEN have said to me since my childhood! It’s just certain statements from these people that I can never forget even though I have no grudges; but I just know that someone who truly likes you will never say those things to you nor about you!

At the end of the day, it’s how they were raised, and until they’re enlightened, they won’t change their way of thinking or their behavior. But this is why I have little patience for female friendships — I have experienced more kindness and protection from men than women!

I do have very few female friends whom I won’t trade for anything 😊❤️ I love them, and though we live far apart, we’re always there for each other in ways that we can!

Also I’m quite likable, but this fear won’t let me stay in touch with new people! The door is always shut.

  1. They just don’t like people

There are actually humans who are scared of other humans, or don’t like them; and these people don’t have friends

  1. No one likes them

There are people that other people tend to stay away from because of their behavior, and people like this will barely have a good relationship with anyone hence they can’t have friends!

What other reasons do you know?

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