Wizkid will definitely pull up for “Machala” Video – Carter Efe

Wizkid will definitely pull up for “Machala” Video – Carter Efe

August 23, 2022 0 By

Would Big Wiz Pull Up For Carter Efe

Nigerian comedian formally know as “Carter efe” releases a song titled “Machala” which he dedicated to our very own Nigerian super star “Wizkid” which is also know as “Machala” or “Big Wiz” which ever you please to call him

Anyways, Carter efe recently made an announcement to his fans saying he’s about to release the video to his hit single. He also told the fans that he would love the music video to hit a whopping 10 Million views in two days.

His fans have gone crazy in the comments section and a fan commented “the only way he can get that much views is if he gets Big Wiz on his project.”

Now that’s quite demanding isn’t it? Nope, not for Cater efe as he replies the fan saying “Believe he will surely pull of for the music video.” This definitely tells us that something might just be going on behind closed doors between these two.

Well, we’d really love to see the outcomes of this event, would Wizkid be present, would he not, stay tuned for more updates. Have a great day!

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