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You Need To Understand About Adopting A Tree


This Is The Act Of sponsoring those who deals in climate and environment, gifting them with cash to maintain the tree as it grows. According to the SDG 13 on climate change. Trees play a vital role in cooling the climate. It absorb and store massive amounts of carbon. Years back, tree planting program was launched, which is also known as “Adopt a tree”. This program aims at planting millions to trillions of trees.Tree planting is a substitute for reducing carbon emissions by preventing the destruction of existing forests.


  • Trees are natural carbon apprehended because as they grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air. The carbon gets stored in their leaves branches, trucks and roots. The larger the tree, the more carbon it’s holding. You can’t plant a tree untill you grow it so as when planting a tree, you save the earth and world at large.
  • Trees help to fight global warming by absorbing while releasing oxygen back into the air. They reduce wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves.
  • It helps in improving air quality by intercepting and trapping dust and other pollutants from the air.
  • It’s shade provides a useful barrier to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
  • It does not only help our physical health but also help our mental health when surrounded by trees, it reduces stress and depression level.


Not all tree planting projects are created equal. This is because reforestation is a lot more complicated than finding an open of land and planting tons of trees.

  1. Does the project focus on the health of the world ecosystem?

Project should focus on more than carbon sequestration to ensure they don’t cause harm to biodiversity, water supplies, and other parts of the ecosystem.

While combating climate change may be the foremost goal of a tree planting project this shouldn’t come at the expense of the local ecosystem.

The types of trees being planted matters too and should be well I adapted to the local climate and ecosystem.

2. What will happen to the trees after they are planted?

Reforestation is an ongoing process that requires conscious management. It is not planting a thousand seedlings and leaving. The trees must be cared for after they are planted to ensure survival.

3. What will happen to the trees 10 to 15 years time?

It should be responsibly managed to ensure it delivers benefits for people and the environment.

4. Are local communities involved in the the project?

Many tree planting projects don’t align with communities interest and needs. For a tree planting project to succeed, it must have the support and participation of local people.Look for initiatives that actively engage local people at all stages of the project life I cycle, from planting to implantation to monitoring. Example of such initiative is The Kid Beach Garden.

They offer an adopting tree planting projects to both individuals and companies. They can be reached through their Instagram handle @kidbeachgarden.

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