You’re going to pay 100k gate fee to see kelly – Timi vibes

You’re going to pay 100k gate fee to see kelly – Timi vibes

July 11, 2022 0 By

We are all aware of the iconic togolese that has been causing a bit of trouble to the Nigerian men. Yes I am speaking of the one and only Kelly who Nigerian men can’t get enough of.

Her videos on tiktok has successful gather her quite a fan base as she seems to know exactly what my gender wants to see. Well, a new reason to buzz about the togolese has found it’s way into socials.

A young Nigerian man known as “Timi Vibes” posted a video online saying he will be hosting a party this july and he is going to be bringing Kelly as the special guest of the party. He further added that those who’d want to attend this party would be paying the sum of 100k to attend.

The video has already recieved a lot of comments asking if seeing kelly is worth 100k. We know we’ll still see Tunde and Lekan there after forming on twitter but…

The posted video has been posted for hours now and has already gathered a massive amount of likes and comments. The final question remains would there be a large crowd at the party or Nah?

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