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Youths (2022 Empowerment Beneficiaries) Pledge Unwavering Support for Ilaje Youth Empowerment 2.0, Donate Materials to DHDEI

The Ilaje Youths who are 2022 Empowerment Beneficiaries organized by Dakiz Human Development and Empowerment Initiative, comprising exemplary individuals such as Miss Oguntibeju Ifeniyi Rita, Mr. Ikuejurojo Micheal Adegold, Miss Evelyn, Mr. Peter, and others, have affirmed their steadfast commitment to the forthcoming 2024 program. In a remarkable demonstration of solidarity and dedication to community empowerment in Igbokoda, they have generously donated materials to the Dakiz Human Development and Empowerment Initiative.

The Dakiz Human Development and Empowerment Initiative being spearhead by Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi has once again proven its effectiveness as it continues to make significant strides in uplifting the community. The recent donation of materials to the Dakiz Human Development and Empowerment Initiative by the youths marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to empower the youth and foster sustainable development in the region.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Miss Oguntibeju Rita (Tailor) expressed their collective enthusiasm for the 2024 program, stating, “We are deeply committed to the cause of empowering our community and ensuring that the momentum of progress continues unabated. The opportunity to contribute to the Dakiz Human Development and Empowerment Initiative is a privilege we embrace wholeheartedly.”

Mr. Ikuejurojo Adegold (Barbing) echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and community engagement in driving positive change. “Our involvement in the 2022 empowerment program has been transformative, and we are eager to pay it forward by supporting initiatives that empower others,” he remarked.

Mr. Peter (Aluminum Fabrication), another beneficiary, highlighted the significance of grassroots initiatives in addressing local challenges and fostering inclusive growth. “As proud members of the Ilaje community, we recognize the importance of investing in initiatives like Dakiz Human Development and Empowerment Initiative, which prioritize the needs of our people,” she affirmed.

Miss Asogbon Funmilayo (Cake Baking), echoing the sentiments of his fellow beneficiaries, underscored the pivotal role of youth empowerment in shaping the future of the community. “By supporting initiatives that equip young people with the skills and resources they need to thrive, we are laying the foundation for a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow,” he declared.

The generous donation of Face materials and supervising erection process of banners in Igbokoda to the Dakiz Human Development and Empowerment Initiative underscores the unwavering commitment of the Ilaje 2022 Empowerment Beneficiaries to creating lasting positive change in their community. Their dedication serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others, demonstrating the power of collective action in driving meaningful progress.

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