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Many times you like to have passionate, wild, uncontrollable and crazy $€x with your partner. However, certain little things, if not checked can make $€x become sour for your lady.

Most of these are ignored, but it’s important you learn if you want to have the $€x life you crave. Here are things that can ruin $€x for ladies.

  1. Dirty pen!s:
    The pen!s should always be clean and fresh before intercourse. Some men do not know their pen!ses are dirty or even have odour, and their ladies may not be able to perform oral $€x. During the day, the man may sweat or pass urine and these leave some stuff on the pen!ses that make them smell if not washed.
  1. Aggressive fingers:
    The vag!na is a very delicate and mild organ, and aggressive fingers are usually not pleasant. If you are using your fingers for foreplay and touching the vag!na, then be as gentle as possible.
  2. Foreplay that lasts too long:
    Some oral $€x can turn from pleasure into hard work. Having your lady do oral $€x for a long time gives an unpleasant pain in their jaws and neck and this generally affect their $€xual satisfaction.
  3. When intercourse lasts too long:
    Intercourse should last long enough for both partners to enjoy $€x. However, $€x becomes boring and painful if it lasts too long. When $€x takes a long time, make sure that it is not monotonous; rather try different techniques to spice it up.
  1. Inappropriate thrusting:
    Some men think that thrusting very hard and fast is a sign of strength and virility. However, this is not true because while some women want it hard and fast, some others like it soft and slow. So it is important to understand your partner’s preferences in order to be able to satisfy her.
  1. Silence during $€x:
    Sometime men are so quiet during $€xual intercourse that, together with the silence of a woman, they could listen to flies in the room. It is desirable to make sounds of pleasure and moaning during foreplay as well as during $€xual intercourse. You can sometimes whisper a naughty sentence to her ear or pay her a $€xy compliment during $€x.

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