Daddy Freeze calls Peter Obi supporters “zombiedients” and “Obidiots”

Daddy Freeze calls Peter Obi supporters “zombiedients” and “Obidiots”

September 1, 2022 0 By

On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze is known for dropping his hot takes on political and social subject matters. Now he has come to breakdown the categories of Peter Obi supporters for us.

In a post on his Instagram Daddy Freeze wrote.

“Peter Obi supporters can be classified into 3 main groups: 1: Obidients: Amazing guys who understand his philosophy and support him passionately.

“2: Zombidients: These ones just dey follow Obi cluelessly with their eyes closed as the name suggests,” he wrote.

“3: Obidiots: A coagulation of Louts and touts lurking online and offline, ready to jump and attack anyone who doesn’t support Obi. Which of these do you fall into? ~FRZ.”

Many people have reacted including Actress Victoria Inyama who said, 70% are number 2 and 3.

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