Wizkid Babymama “Jada Pollock” has given birth?

Wizkid Babymama “Jada Pollock” has given birth?

September 1, 2022 0 By

Wizkid’s Baby Mama/ Manager Gives Birth?

Rumours circulate around social media about Jada Pollock, Wizkids baby mama and manager being baby bump free

In a recent video on her instagram, Jada posts a workout session and it was quite obvious that she was without a baby bump anymore

This immediately made fans go crazy as they start the speculations. Has Jada given birth? The question all the Wizkid fans have been asking since the video dropped.

Some say it’s an old video but some believe she has actually giving birth due to the fact that the father of the baby (Wizkid) tends to always make his moves “low-key”

However, fans continue to speculate as they wait for a soild reply from the two.

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