Development of Ondo State is our Focus; Do Not Distract the Government with Red Berets. Itesiwaju Ondo Initiative Warns Political Jobbers


Development of Ondo State is our Focus; Do Not Distract the Government with Red Berets, Itesiwaju Ondo Initiative Warns Political Jobbers

It is the season or politic again, in our dear state, its expected we see so many games played by the actors to sweep the sympathy and attention for their candidates.

The Itesiwaju Ondo Initiative reiterates its unwavering commitment to the development and progress of Ondo State. As a non-partisan organization dedicated to advancing the welfare of our people, we remain focused on constructive engagement and collaboration with the government towards achieving our collective goals.

It has come to our attention that certain individuals, whom we refer to as political jobbers, are attempting to sow seeds of discord and distraction by promoting the use of red berets being used by one of the Support group of His Excellency Hon Lucky Aiyedatiwa as a symbol of cultism. While we respect the right of citizens to express their views peacefully, we caution against any actions that may derail the government’s efforts to deliver tangible development to the people of Ondo State and sending a wrong view to people are not well informed which might be as a means for some set of persons to perpetrate some evil things which definitely result in unrest in the state.

Our message to these political jobbers is clear: the development and peaceful Ondo State is our paramount focus, and we will not be swayed by attempts to divert attention or create unnecessary tension. We urge all stakeholders and aspirants to channel their energies towards constructive dialogue, campaign and cooperation thereby cautioning their aids, rather than engaging in divisive tactics that serve no purpose other than to hinder progress.

The Itesiwaju Ondo Initiative remains committed to fostering unity, progress, and prosperity for all residents of Ondo State. Together, let us work towards a brighter future for our beloved state.

Balogun Adeola Great
Coordinator, Itesiwaju Ondo Initiative.

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