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In this interview with the prophetess of the most High God, the founder of a fast-growing church, Holiness Deliverance Global Mission in Ode Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Prophetess Oluwatosin Popoola, speaks with Journalist Olagoke Adeyanju on her calling journey and the increasing impact of her church to the society.

Can you please tell us how you received your calling?

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to say this to the world for the first time ever. My calling started during my secondary school days. I noticed that whenever I prophesized, it do come to manifestation. If I’m in dire need of anything and I told my God then, I will definitely get it before night comes. But when it getting to some certain level that I need to accept the calling, I must confess to you now that I faced many challenges due to my refusal to accept my Father’s calling. One day I just got myself thinking within myself that why are all these life tribulations on my way? Life became unbearable for me then. Immediately, I came to my right senses that I must heed to my God’s call. So, God has been good and faithful to me to face those challenges on my path to greatness.

Ever since I accepted this calling, I have been witnessing alot of progress and development in my ministry. To the extent that, there is nothing I will lay my hands upon that wouldn’t come to fruition. I just give the Lord all the glory because He is the only one that can give one happiness, rest of mind and satisfaction in this life.

What are major challenges in this ministry?

Infact, those challenges are uncountable but God Himself is the one who is helping me to sail through since He is the one that called me to come and serve Him.

To be honest with you, what I can tell you in brief is that some godly people miscontrued about me that I am using “Mammy Water Spirit” to heal people from their sickness, safe our people from their lives predicaments which is totally far from the truth. Whenever I heard such misconception towards me I do laugh within myself. I do normally say that my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. May Almighty God forgive them for their lack of knowledge because my Heavenly father Himself is the secret behind my healing miracle. He is the one that called me to preach His gospel to the world as one of his disciples.

In the begining of this calling, God spoke to me that I should meet Him at a particular mountain. When I got there He instructed me to go back to His covenant land where He has promised to established my ministry. He revealed to me that some evil agents will torment and backbite me that I should not be distracted for their worldly action towards me. I should just remain focus on His assignment which is about to give me to handle for Him. When I returned from the mountain, I later discovered that all what He told me started coming to pass. People began to think otherwise that I am using “Mammie Water power” to heal people as I said earlier but I didn’t listen to those discouragement words I continued to preach God words to people that our salvation is in Christ, His second coming is fast approaching than before.

They lied against me that I am using spiritual power to perform wonders which is not true. Before any problem is being brought to my church God has already healed them before they were brought to me. That is the secret.

What sin do you struggle with the most?

Well, no man is a saint under this heaven. The only sin that I think I am still committing that I want God to forgive me is nothing but botheration. When I never accepted God’s work, I was a very strict and principled woman. I do get annoying because I’m a no nonsense woman and I have begged God to forgive me and help me to cast the spirit of annoyance out of me completely because I want to live a life free of sin in order to keep all the commandments of God.

At what age did you accept God’s Calling?

I won’t be far from say the truth. I accepted to follow Christ without looking back at the very age of 35 years. Since then, He has been guiding me all through.

How many times have you thought about quitting ministry?

Truthfully, it is only when the problem of those unbelievers tried to cause distraction with their slander that I am using demonic power to heal people. I felt discouraged and thought of quitting the calling then. But when I heard the voice again that this is the part of what I told you on the mountain when you came to meet me, that evil agents will want to cause confusion but I have promised that you are going to overcome them all. So, I regained my loss strength again to confront their temptations and I overshadowed their forces. He said fear not my prophetess and you shouldn’t worry about any of their distractions on this calling, He is there to fight for me.

I give the Lord all the glory and honor because anytime they come with their defamatory words, He do vindicate me.

In What area does your preaching need to improve?

To the glory of heavenly Father, I can boldly say it without mincing words that I don’t have any problem as regard that.The Lord is always guiding me through. With His favour, there is no area I am not fitted. His grace is sufficient. Dynamically, If it is to preach, prescience, or to sing I have the grace. I can handle all these fields to any reasonable degree and length. I thank Him for His divine grace.

What steps have you taken to quard against scandal?

I’m greatful in this regard because I am getting my desired result. I do reminds my church congregation that we should often remember what God warned us to stay away from, His ten commandments must be kept and abide with. Most especially, we need to improve in tolerating ourselves. We should show love to one another. I prayed without ceasing for the world, Nigeria in particular to continue to witness peace. So shall it be. In most times, it might be during the night period, it depends on when the message come to me. God do send me to some communities far or near for evangelism and disenthrallment.

There was a certain day that God said I should go out around 12am for an evangelism, I called my prayer warrior team that the Lord said we must go out to delivered some people who are under the bondage of evil doers. We returned to the church yard exactly 2am that night. I could still remember that, an information later got to me in the dawn that there was a child who was hospitalised and later discharged back home because he doesn’t respond to treatment. Miraculously, he was healed through my prayer when I stepped to their street that night. God spoke to me that there was a child who is being held hostage by witchcraft. God instructed me to deliver him which I did that night. He regained his permanent freedom from their coven. That was part of our responsibilities as one of the disciples of God on earth.

Do you have other wonders God has through you performed in your ministry?

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

With the healing hands of Jehovah, I must confess to you that many ailments has been healed through us like stroke, sickness, leprosy and barreness e.t.c. They took their healing miracle immediately when they were been brought to us. My father in heaven have used me to healed many pregnant women who are suffering from carrying pregnancy for two to three years in our yard, by the grace of God their delivery became easy. If you are looking for child come to the Holiness Deliverance Global Mission God will answer your prayer.

Before I forget, we also pray for politicians who are aspiring for a political positions as well. We had achieved so many cases of politicians who through our prayer intervention got to position of their desire in life. So, if you come to our prayer ground your own case shall never be fallency.

And of course, those that are in hands of sickness let them come today they shall immediately receive their healing miracles without any delay.

All these signs and wonders is being carryout successfully with the support of God Almighty.

What is your Godly oversight reaction about this days fake prophets around?

In the case of this days fake prophesies by so called men of God, I see them as people who wants to assist God’s work.

Let me be realistic with you, nobody can help God. God is capable to help Himself. No man under this planet can assist God. Those fake prophets do go extra mile cunningly to fake innocent people to get what they would eat not what God said. They look for spiritual powers to deceive people around. They are running from pillar to pole to seek for worldly power. Vanity upon vanity. If God called you to work for Him you are not going to have any problem on the calling. Those fake prophets are too desperate this days in order to acquire wealth and other worldly material things. That is the basic fact there. Let us wait for our destiny time. We should stop helping God’s work. Let’s allow the Christ to do His own work by himself. It is by then, you will have rest of mind. He will by himself announce your diligent handiwork to the world.

As a servant of God, What is your insightful accessment about the President Tinubu’s government for the next four years?

Though I’m not a politician and I don’t believe any day is coming that I can be a card carrier to any political party. So, somebody like us will only provide prayers support to them so that they could lead perfectly and diligently right.

As you rightly said that without being political, under the President Bola Tinubu led Government, the country is going to witness a lot of transformational change.

We are going to smile altogether and swim in abundant blessing of God. It might be difficult in the begining but in short time, we will surely have a good testimony to give because after storm, come sun.

That is what I forseen for Nigeria under Tinubu administration. We should be patient by allow him to settle down first.

Let me once again, congratulate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on his divine victory and to wish him all the best and good health on the seat of power. Amen.

How are you working towards having your church branches across nationwide and globally?

In this regards, God spoke to me through dream that the mission is going to cut across the whole world especially Nigeria because charity must start at home.

Therefore, it is imperative for God to make it come to pass. I am also praying to Him to allow this vision to come to limelight in no distant time for the sake of humanity. And I observed that as He wishes so shall it be at the end.
Thank you.

As a Prophetess, how do you cope in this world of men?

To God be the glory, I’m graciously doing fine amidst of them. The secret there is that I have a fair-mindedness for everybody. And also, I don’t nurse any grudge with anybody. I relate well with whoever comes my way. I’m staying far from keeping malice.

Thank you and God bless.

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