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Fans react to Bryann and Amaka fight

Fans React To Bryann And Amaka Fight

The post pool party had more than just party vibes to give us as Bryann and Amaka engage in a nearly called fist fight.

A fight between Bryann and Amaka arose and Bryann chipped in on an argument between Modella and Amaka which made the argument to Shift

The original fight kicked off due to a statement Modella made, saying Amaka was fond of starting fights/ getting involved in fights because she wants to create “content” to remain “relevant” in the house, that’s deep

As entertainment would have it, Bryann and Daniella happen to be side talkers to this argument. Their little words that were chipped in tended to make other housemates laugh and Amaka definitely wasn’t taking that easy

The housemate suddenly started to flair up as she started to attack Byrann. Since then fans have come out to trash talk one another in defense of their favorite housemate. Content

Stay tuned for more entertainment news. Have a great day!

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