BXNX (Buju) in a recent interview with a radio station reveals why he replied Ruger’s tweet aiming at him.

In the interview Buju that Artistes before him had warned him of the fakeness in the industry but he didn’t understand until Ruger attacked him out of the blue.

Ruger wrote in a tweet that Buju is not better than him because he (Buju) does not have any “solo hit”. Buju responded after a while with a tweet of his recently released album reaching number one and captioned ” what if I, what if I what if I coook” aimed at Ruger.

After this tweet the two artists started taking digs at each other. Buju revealed that he wasn’t going to reply Ruger but Timaya called him up and was mad about the disrespect.

Fans have been putting in their 2 cents but we hope they resolve their issues soon.


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