How To Get Over An Ex You Still Love

How To Get Over An Ex You Still Love

February 17, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Hi guys, on this topic, I’m going to be as realistic as possible! The truth is that it’s not easy to get over someone you once loved, still love, or have memories with; and sometimes breakups or heartbreaks are tough — especially when you didn’t see them coming. I’m here to guide you on ways you can move on from someone who doesn’t want you anymore, or when it’s no longer working!

Before I share how you can move on from an ex, I’ll need you to pause for a minute, and ask yourself if this person was actually good to you, and good for you. If your answer is yes, then keep reading! If your answer is no, then you should be halfway to moving on.

The first thing is to:

  1. Try Again

Pride aside, if this person is worth fighting for, go on and see if you can fix things — especially if you’re the one who wronged them, and they initiated the breakup. Now I’m not asking you to beg! There’s a difference between a genuine apology, and begging.

Don’t do this over text or on the phone. Try to meet in person if you can before writing the message.

Ps, if you know that this person has someone else in their life who they have moved on with, then consider your self-respect and let them go because even if you get them back, you’ll always be worried about whether that person is still in the picture; and you may probably have trust issues which could lead to a messier breakup “again”.

Trying again applies if they’re still single!

  1. Acceptance

Understand that you’re human with feelings, and it may not be easy to get over this person like I said at the beginning. So please process all your feelings – cry if you want to or have to! In any healthy way you want to let out your feelings, please do so! Accepting that letting go won’t be easy will definitely help you take your time to heal!

The memories will hurt you, some things will remind you of them; but tell yourself it’s normal, and you’ll be fine!

Accept that their part in your life is over, and they’re gone.

  1. Distract yourself / Keep yourself busy

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? It’s time to try it! Have hobbies? It’s time to do them more! Surely, you had a life before this person so go on, and keep yourself busy! Talk to your friends and family about how you feel if you trust them enough. They’ll be a good support system while you heal.

  1. Let go of things that still remind you of them

At this point, you should be more concerned with your peace of mind. If there are things — maybe their clothes or gifts that still remind you of them, then it’s time to take them out of sight if they’re giving you painful memories.

  1. Think of the fact that if you’re meant to be together, you’ll find your ways back to each other

Yes, the universe works that way! But please, what you shouldn’t do, is put your life on hold because you’re waiting for them to come back. What if they don’t? Think of all the time you must have wasted! Go on with your life, and if you guys are meant to be, you’ll eventually be; and if not, you’ll find your person!

  1. Do not stalk them

One common thing people do after a breakup, is to stalk their ex, and their new partner if they have any. This will only hurt you further, and make your moving on harder. In fact you may find it hard to do something useful with your time! So if you have to deactivate social media to prevent this from happening, please go on! Do not create that fake account!

  1. Stay away from anyone that’s got to do with them

No, don’t talk to their friends or family to help you and beg. There are some relationships that even when it ends, y’all still remain friends, and maintain family relationships. That is different! If you have that understanding relationship with your ex, then that’s fine — otherwise, please cut contact with their family and friends because they’ll always remind you of them, and it’ll make moving on harder.

It could also cause you to bear grudges for these people especially when your ex has moved on with someone else they seem to like. Their family and friends will always choose them and go with their decisions, not yours!

  1. You cannot rush moving on

This is similar to number 2. Rushing your healing time will hurt you more! Don’t look for a rebound or revenge. Yes you can go on dates with people but keep it casual until you have healed!

I know a guy who got dumped by his girl, and he’s been trying to get into relationships without healing especially because of his age! All he does is meet a girl, and the first thing on his mind, is to have sex with her, and rush into a relationship; but every other day, he’s updating quotes and videos about women cheating! No woman in a healthy state of mind will want to deal with such man because she knows he’s still hurting, and will never trust her! It was obvious he now has less respect for women. No one should ever possess enough power to change how you feel about any gender! There will always be good, and bad people.

  1. Go to the gym or start exercising

I promise you, this will make you feel better about yourself, and increase your confidence to go through anything!

  1. Be happy for them

There’s a quote that said, “if you love someone, set them free. If they come back, then they’re yours. If they don’t, then they weren’t”. Love comes with a certain amount of freedom — freedom of choice! If they found someone else, I know it’s probably hard to wish them well; but try and be happy because that will remove grudges from your heart which isn’t healthy for you!

  1. Be thankful

You know one of the worst things that can happen to a person, is to be with someone who doesn’t want them. You’re going to be miserable in that relationship while they go on, and mingle with other people without caring how you feel! Be thankful that that person made that decision to leave! That’s setting themselves free, and also setting you free!

Thank you for reading, guys! These are 11 ways I know you can move on from an ex!


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