Why Some Don’t Succeed In Life

Why Some Don’t Succeed In Life

February 17, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi
  1. Because to them, short term gratification is more appealing than not having a social life for some time.

I mean It’s okay to go out, and have fun but if you have limited money, I don’t think it’s wise to spend it all on balling.

  1. If a person hears a “no,” they quit.

Apply a little pressure! Most people just get lost, give up, and then live with regret for the rest of their life. In my opinion, failure is better than a constant feeling of regret.

  1. Not being realistic enough.

Sometimes you set goals that may take some time to achieve, and you expect to achieve them under two days!

  1. Not having clear goals.

I am not a fan of to-do lists, but calendar planning works. Also, try to write down a “what I did today” list at the end of the day. If you didn’t do anything, that guilt feeling will kick in, and hopefully you will improve yourself tomorrow.

This is something I started lately

  1. Comparing yourself too much to others.

This is just a recipe for failure. Sometimes you may be looking at someone’s results from 10 years of hard work, and comparing it to your beginning. It is not the same day you plant the seed that you reap the harvest!

  1. Not having gratitude.

Did you know that being grateful for how far you’ve come or counting your blessings will help you to have a more positive approach to life? Having the ability to be happy with what you have is way better than always wanting more — especially in a faster way.

Thank you for reading, guys. What more reasons do you know? ❤️

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