As school is resuming I’m going to give a top 5 list on how to maintain your mental health. Many will need this. (PURELY COMICAL)

1) Drink water and mind your business

Yes, even if your neighbours head is on fire, drink water and mind your business. If bike Jam your neighbour for street, greet and pass.

2) Read your best and leave the rest.

If e no enter as you dey read, leave am. If e enter give glory to God. No be you kill Jesus.

3) Normalize changing it for your class rep.

It is very beneficial for your mental, to change it for your class rep when their heads start to touch.

4) Normalize changing it for your Landlord.

Change it for your Landlord immediately you get to school, so he would know not to come and ask for house rent that you did not use anytime soon.

5) Always choose Enjoyment.

When there’s a choice between going for a class and enjoyment. Please and please, choose enjoyment. YOLO. There is no school in heaven. University degree is Vanity upon Vanity.


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