“It’ll work out for them” – Malik monk talks on Lakers trio

“It’ll work out for them” – Malik monk talks on Lakers trio

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“It’ll Work Out For Them” Malik Monk Speaks On LeBron, AD and Westbrook

Sacramento Kings guard “Malik Monk” speaks on how the trio are going to make things work for them on the court.

“It’s Bron, bro. He gon try to help every teammate he comes in contact with so I have nothing bad to say about him.” Monk said.

Malik Monk speaks on how LeBron played a huge role on his coming to Lakers before making a move to Sacramento Kings. He also mentioned that playing alongside LeBron has helped him reach a new level in his career.

Regarding the trio, Monks says they were in a recent phone call where they all agreed to be committed to the success of their team.

“They grown men” Malik Monk said
“Especially when the have conversations like that, it’ll work out for them. They all great”

We sure hope things turn out as Malik Monk says it would and we’re definitely looking forward to the Lakers as well as Malik Monks performance in the upcoming season.

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