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Ja Morant says he’ll cook Michael Jordan

Memphis superstar point guard, Ja Morant engaged in a recent interview with a bleachers report journalist “Taylor Rooks” on her live podcast. He speaks on the fact that he would have loved to play in the era of NBA legend Micheal Jordan.

The 22 year old was loaded with a bunch of questions regarding the game of basketball. During the session he was asked about Michael Jordan and his response was particularly interesting he said.

“Thank you, he’s the reason most of us wanted to play the game of basketball. To even be there with him wasn’t something I saw myself doing as a kid, but having the opportunity to be there and talk to him, introduce myself, to have that conversation, I don’t know what I would have said. I wish I played in his generation though, I would have cooked him.”

Ja Morant reveals the to the press how he would have love to be in the era of Micheal Jordan, to compete with him on the same court. But that wasn’t all, he was also confident that he’d have been able to “cook him.” Well we’d definitely have loved to see that. We love the high self-esteem of our NBA super start Ja Morant and we definitely love when he gets his adrenaline pumping in the Memphis Court and as well as opposing Centers.


Ja morant dunking
Ja morant dunking

Ja has just concluded his third year in the NBA but has already amassed quite a number of accolades. After making the NBA all star games second team, Ja has also been selected as the Most Improved Player in 2022. The NBA superstar reached this peak with the averaging of 27.4 point, 4.5 rebounds and 7.1 assist per game.Classic Morant!

Ja Morant continues in his line of confidence as he speaks saying he is not afraid of going up against other sports men in a one-on-one show down.

“I’m never going to say anyone can beat me 1 on 1 or anything, I don’t care what it is, what sport it is” ja says.
“Soccer? Who’s the best player in soccer? We can play.”

Ja Morant is definitely a prospect to the NBA, from the handles to the skillfull lay-ups down to the dunks, he just knows how to engage the fans. We hope to see more from him as the new season is yet to unfold.

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