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….…Advises Tinubu on proactive steps to take next

A leading counsel in Ondo state, Barrister Ganiyu Ashiru whose law chamber is situated in Ikare Akoko, Ondo state, Nigeria. He is an advocate par excellence who has made tremendous and outstanding contributions to Nigeria Law and Jurisprudence through his excellent advocacy in court and has authored several law books.

Barrister Ashiru is a committed educationist and award winning legal guru. In his desire to making the world a better place, shares insight on political affairs of the country presently.

In this One-On-One with Journalist Olagoke Adeyanju at his Ikare Akoko Chamber, the human Right activist has this to say about the current administration in the country. Hear him.

Editor; After his 50 days in office, what is your aṣsessement on Tinubu Government’s Policy on Nigeria?

It is my enormous pleasure having you here with me my brother.

Well, this current administration under President Bola Tinubu, to be factual with you of the obvious situations on the street presently, some are of the opinion that Tinubu has started well and toeing to their electioneering desires while some are lamenting seriously that as at the moment in the country, his policies are nothing but cold and displeasing. Some quarters are also of their personal phenomenals that they are seeing element of tribalism in the system. People are saying a lots of things concerning the government base on their personal perceptions.

However, I am not a politician but to access Tinubu led administration, we have to wait a little bit and be patient for at least six months before passing any comment neither good or ugly.
Though, most of these policies sometimes, actually need lot of checks and balances because I had knowledge in economics to some certain level. Like this issue of fuel subsidy removal, before we can know its importance or consequences, we have to wait for a year.

Initially, the argument was that some people were diverting the benefits of fuel subsidy to their private purse. That was why they took some irrevocable action to go against the anormalies in the system by removing the subsidy completely so that government will be able to utilize the funds that was cornered by few people for many years for another developmental projects in the country. We must be realistic, this solid step being taken by Tinubu must be commended by we Nigerians.

The unavoidable question Nigerians must ask are: what are we diverting to? Hope you are not taking from a lesser thieves to give to a bigger ones? There is another thing we need to know as well. We don’t need to seize goods from a small thief and give it back to notorious one.

At this juncture, let me appeal to every Nigerians to wait and support this current government with their prayers without ceasing. I believe Tinubu will succeed.

Ordinarily, people like us still see all his policies in a good direction, timely and welcome development for the country compared to all his predecessors.

Editor; As a parent, what is your joy and impression on the proposed student’s loan pronounced by Tinubu’s government?

My impression is good and fine toward it. I’m totally in support of it if honestly and properly implemented for the benefit of the children of the poor in our tertiary institutions in order to alleviate the level of dropout. The introduction of the policy is a welcome development in the country. It will even encouraging more vulnerable students to go back to school and to have passion for education the more. It is a laudable policy under this current government I must laud the vision. I will just advise the federal government to see to its implementation in short time. If we can put it into practice it would help a lot. Mind you, to qualify, parent income level should not below five hundred thousand naira. Some are arguing that no student would meet up with the requirements for that loan but I can assure you that millions of students will qualify when this policy is finally passed into law.

As it is, though we have some parents who are graduate and they are unemployed. The question is, how can we calculate their income? When we get to the river side, we shall know how to cross it.

Editor; Can you surety any interested student or candidate?

Why not? I will stand for them. If I know any brilliant and serious indigent student who can’t afford their school fees I will surety him or her. To build confidence, since I have passion to stand for those people who are looking for employment in which their liability if run foul outlashed that of student’s loan by standing as surety for them without shaking, so student case can’t be exemptional.

Some people are also asking maybe the money can be payable on the completion of their one year mandatory NYSC service and the law says ten percent of their income. So, why afraid of standing as surety especially if you are a good Samaritan. It is another indication that if after that client completed his or her NYSC scheme he is not gainfully employed the payment is going to be reduced to bearable percent.

Let me reaffirm it and assure them that I will make myself available to stand for them.

My chamber’s door will be opened for them both day and night to receive them when the proposed programme is been implemented at last.

Editor; On the current situation in the country, what is your advice to Nigerians?

Yes, one thing there is, we Nigerians are always in a hurry. We need to be patient with this present government in the country.

Let me tell you this, sometimes, most of this problem we the commoners are the major architect, the reason is that we are not too contented with what we have or earned. If we are able to be satisfied with what we get, we would be able to approach the government and demands for what we need and due for from them.

Here you will see a house of assembly member riding ten vehicles. What is it for? I must say this now, In some advanced country where we even borrowed this our democracy, hardly you will see them getting two vehicles.

The problem is also this, in our country, if you are able to have one million in your account you will wants to be boasting of two cars. And again, when we are into business we are not frugal, we spend more than the profit. We should all cut our coat according to our sizes and adjust to situations. That is my kind advice for Nigerians.

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