January 28, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

I just want to remind you that are too old to keep falling for nonsense relationships this year without any form of purspose or calling.

You are too old for delaytionships; when you are their first option for dating but the last option for marriage. It’s truly sad, even more because you always know that what you have cannot lead to marriage, but you choose to stay anyway.

Too old for Compassionship, a love based on pity is not love at all. Don’t settle for an anyhow partner because you have a debt to repay, or a promise to keep with someone who is not the right one for you

Too old for situationships, you cannot keep making up excuses to stay with someone who is not ready to commit into making you a priority.

Too old for fornicationships, if the only satisfaction you are getting out of that relationship are the different dimensions of sex they give you, then you are still very much a baby. Sex is not love, they are only with you for as long as they can catch an erection.

Too old for Transactionships, sadly, many relationships are transactions disguised as love. When you know they are with you because of what they can get from you. You have no fellowship with conditional relationships.

Please make a decision this year to settle for a relationship that counts in the sight of God.

It is either Godly or nothing.

It is either supernatural or nothing.

I mean, you have waited this long for the right partner to end up with the wrong one.

©Allison Hyacintho


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