Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Fatai Buhari, Afeez Kilani, Throws Hat in the Ring for NASSLAF Leadership, Promising Empathetic Leadership


Alhaji Prince Afeez Kilani, the Senior Legislative Aide to distinguished Senator Buhari Abdulfatai, has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the chairmanship position of the National Assembly Legislative Aides Forum (NASSLAF).

Hailing from Saki West in Oyo State, South West Nigeria, Kilani pledges to leverage his extensive experience to enhance the welfare of Legislative Aides. Having joined the National Assembly in 2015 as a legislative Assistant (LA2) and rising to LA1 in 2019, he now serves as the Senior Legislative Aide (SLA) to Senator Abdulfatai, a three-term Senator in the Nigerian Senate.

Kilani emphasizes his firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by legislative aides, having ascended through the ranks himself. He asserts that empathy and insight into the needs of aides are crucial for effective leadership within NASSLAF.

In addressing potential conflicts with the National Assembly management, Kilani advocates for diplomacy and negotiation as primary tools for resolution, citing his legal background and over 11 years of legal experience as assets in navigating such challenges.

Ogumawola Ebeneza, Chairman of the Southwest National Assembly Legislative Forum, voices strong support for Kilani, citing his track record and commitment to representing the interests of aides across all zones. Ebeneza emphasizes the need for fresh leadership and praises Kilani as a candidate who will actively engage with the concerns of aides.

Echoing this sentiment, Olusola Olugbami, also known as Maintain, underscores Kilani’s candidacy as a symbol of South West’s proactive approach to leadership. He expresses confidence in Kilani’s ability to effect positive change within NASSLAF.

With Kilani’s candidacy gaining momentum and widespread endorsement from colleagues and stakeholders, the stage is set for a potentially transformative leadership within the National Assembly Legislative Aides Forum.

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