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Some Of The Things I’ve Found Out To Be True

  1. Bad things happen to good people. It’s sometimes a test to access us
  2. Make the best of your moment since it is bound to become a memory someday
  3. You can never go back. Just learn from the past in order to shape your present and future
  4. You will find most people in life who will laugh with you, spend time with you but they will end up being the ones cutting your roots. In other words, they can be backstabbing you
  5. We often waste time on those who are not willing to waste a minute on us or for us
  6. Good friends are like four clover leaves; hard to find but lucky to have
  7. Stop thinking that your father’s side of the family is evil. Your mother’s can be as well. We can’t detect what humans can do!
  8. We realize the value of things after we lose them
  9. If there is no pain then there is no gain
  10. Last but not least; the life we are living right now may be someone else’s dream

What other truths have you realized that I didn’t add?

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