Three Northern Senators Dismiss Budget Padding Allegations as Unfounded

Three Northern Senators Dismiss Budget Padding Allegations as Unfounded

March 10, 2024 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

In a recent development within the Nigerian Senate, three senators from the northern extraction – Steve Sunday Karimi from Kogi West, Titus Tartenger Zam from Benue North West, and Bar Kaka Sheu from Borno – have vehemently denied allegations of budget padding against Senate President Godswill Akpabio.

Speaking on behalf of the Northern Senators’ Forum, Karimi, Zam, and Sheu emphasized the need to thwart any attempts aimed at disrupting the unity and harmony prevailing within the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly. They stressed the importance of fostering collaboration between senators from both the Northern and Southern regions to uphold national cohesion.

Karimi, hailing from Kogi State, Zam representing Benue State, and Sheu from Borno State, underscored their unwavering commitment to a transparent and credible budget process conducted in good faith. Addressing concerns raised during a recent meeting, they called for a thorough examination of the budgetary discrepancies, emphasizing the collective efforts involved in the appropriation process.

The senators refuted claims of budget padding, challenging the validity of the alleged additional funds. They pointed out significant disparities between the initial budget proposal and the final budget passed by the Senate, urging for a comprehensive review before drawing any conclusions.

Furthermore, Karimi, Zam, and Sheu urged Abdul Ningi, the leader of the Northern Senators Caucus, to exercise caution and prevent actions that could potentially destabilize the Senate. They underscored the historical leadership role of the Northern region in Nigeria and advocated for equitable representation within the confines of dignity and decorum.

In light of recent allegations, the senators raised doubts about the accuracy of the claims made by Ningi, highlighting inconsistencies in reported budget figures. They cautioned against the politicization of the budget process and called for the preservation of the integrity of the National Assembly.

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