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Webb telescope captures never seen images in the universe

Two days ago the first image captured by the telescope was broadcasted to the public. The James Webb space Telescope is the deepest and sharpest telescope to ever be made, and it has helped us to see images that have never been seen before.

Among these images is this one above. This image shows the edge of a young, star forming region called NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula. Although this looks like a really professional painting, it very very real. The peaks of the “mountain” is about 7 light years high.

The new telescope will help scientist study the universe more indeptly as it is uses infrared lights. Infrared light would reveals features of the universe that are completely hidden in visible light. Some other images from Webb telescope.


Picture of a dying star captured by Webb telescope
Dying star captured by the Webb telescope

The James Webb space Telescope is the world’s premier space science observatory. Webb will solve mysteries in our solar system, look beyond to distant worlds around other stars, and probe the mysterious structures and origins of our universe and our place in it – NASA.

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