One thing about me is that I will always find a way to be happy – regardless of what I’m going through! You will barely hear me complain about anything; and this has often given people the impression that I don’t have problems. Oh well…

Here are 13 reasons I strongly believe that have helped me live a happy life. Some of them may be controversial, or cliché but they’re true!

  1. Stop The Comparison

Being happy in your own skin is one of the biggest keys to happiness I know. A lot of unhappiness come from people believing that they are “less than” others because of the images they see, or the messages they ingest. You can be so much happier by feeling and knowing you’re the real deal!

  1. Don’t Settle When It Comes To Marriage

Marriage is the single biggest decision you’ll make; so be picky and marry the right person for you. Don’t rush in because you think it’s “time” or you feel “pressured.” Marry someone you are excited about – who makes you feel amazing, who is good to you down to their last breath. Don’t compromise or settle on this one because they will be a large part of the mood of your home everyday.

  1. Take Care of Your Physical & Mental Health Problems

A sure way to make happiness harder is being uncomfortable! While it’s not always possible to cure everything, address your physical and emotional needs as best as possible. Some people allow themselves to have lingering pains, or struggles with depre$$ion. Take the steps to address them. Your feelings matter!

  1. Do More Of The Things You Like

This sounds silly, but I’ve met people who say they love painting, but they haven’t done it in 10 years! Why?

We get so busy with life that the first things we cut, are sometimes hobbies – we don’t see them as essential or important; but they absolutely are when we’re talking about happiness. Make time for things you truly enjoy. It makes life more enjoyable.

  1. Be Okay with Bad Days

Part of living a happy life, is realizing that you won’t be happy 24/7, and being fine with it. You’ll have times of gri.ef, and times where you’re irri.tated, and times where you’re stres.sed or anxious; and that’s fine!

Accepting that you’re human with series of emotions, and seeing every day as a new day, is part of what makes you happy.

  1. Seek Out the Good/ Minimize the Bad

If you know me, you’ll know how much I don’t like nega.tivity, and I’ll always distance myself from anyone with such mindset. Your mindset and mood is often influenced by what you feed it, and this also applies to people you surround yourself with, and even what you ingest from the media!

  1. Limit to.xic people

This is quite self-explanatory. Also, limit toxic headlines/news on the media, and seek to spend more time/energy with the good.

  1. Be a Helper

If you want to be happy, there is a lot of joy in helping others. Some of what makes life wonderful is feeling useful, helping another without expecting anything in return; and being reminded of your own good fortune (gratitude). Making the world a better place makes you feel better too.

  1. Live in the Present

Today is a new day, and some people have pasts that are incredibly hard. Live in the present, not in the past, or you’ll be stuck there and miss the great stuff of today. Every day is a chance to do better, and be better!

  1. Have a Few Bucks in the Bank

This may be controversial, but not having money is stressful, and if you can pay for the basics comfortably – it will remove a lot of that stress from your life. Healthcare in America (I mean I have more of American readers) isn’t cheap; neither is it cheap in some other countries.

You don’t have to be wealthy, but some amount of financial comfort will prevent the worries about the basics of everyday life.

  1. Move

Being able to move your body a bit will help to keep you happy. You don’t have to be an olympian to move. Going for a walk every day, or doing some stretches at home will help. Our brain has a way of responding to movement that makes us feel happier.

  1. Have New Experiences

Doing something new doesn’t have to be traveling to a distant land – maybe it’s just trying your hand at baking a pie, eating a new type of food you’ve never had, or visiting a small town nearby you’ve never been to. New experiences give us things to look forward to, things to talk about, and they bring back some of the curiosity of being a child.

  1. Love in Your Life

If you have a person who truly loves you in this world, and accepts you for exactly who you are – it will help contribute to your sense of happiness. Heck, having a pet that loves you can also help. Love is powerful, and while it isn’t everything, it makes the bad times easier to bear. Being loved, and loving another brings many people great satisfaction and joy.

I’m sure there are more, but these are the basics!. Thank you for reading.. Xo, Moxie!

By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Gabriel O. Fasholu is the founder and editor of SPYCONNET. A brilliant Educationist, Social Media Enthusiast & Freelancer who is passionate about passing undefiled information to the entire public.

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