Vocational/Technical Skills: A Promising Solution to Unemployment and Social Issues -Olubaka of Oka-Akoko

Vocational/Technical Skills: A Promising Solution to Unemployment and Social Issues -Olubaka of Oka-Akoko

December 6, 2023 0 By Fasholu Gabriel Oluwatobi

Youths Pledges Support as Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi Unveil NGO’s Empowerment Project

In a groundbreaking move to address unemployment and curb social vices in the society, HRM Oba Adejori Yusuf Adeleye OON, Olubaka of Ọkà, alongside the Oka Youth President Mr. Adeniyi Moses Olabode has thrown their weight behind Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi through the NGO Dakiz Human Development And Empowerment Initiative (DHDEI) Empowerment Project, emphasizing the pivotal role of vocational and technical skills.

His Royal Highness, Oba Adeleye OON in his Palace highlighted the urgency of adopting vocational and technical education as a major strategy to combat the rising rates of unemployment and associated societal challenges. Recognizing the transformative power of skills acquisition, he stated, “Investing in vocational and technical skills is key to unlocking the potential of our youth and steering them away from the path of unemployment and social vices.”

Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi, the brain behind the DHDEI Empowerment Project, unveiled a comprehensive plan to provide training at no training fee cost and support for youths in various vocational and technical fields. The project aims to equip participants with the skills needed to thrive in a competitive job market while simultaneously fostering entrepreneurship.

The Oka Youth President, Mr. Adeniyi Moses Olabode expressed unwavering support for the initiative, recognizing it as a timely intervention to empower the youth and alleviate the twin challenges of unemployment and social vices. “We stand united in our commitment to supporting Akingbade Toluwa-Jolomi’s vision, as it aligns with our collective goal of building a resilient and prosperous community,” he declared.

The Empowerment Project is poised to make a significant impact on the community (Iwaro-Oka and Oke-Oka) by not only providing practical skills but also instilling a sense of purpose and direction among the youth. As vocational and technical skills continue to gain recognition as viable alternatives to traditional education, initiatives like this one hold the promise of fostering sustainable development and positive societal transformation.

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